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Wambundu Class (length=195m)
Sequoia Class (length=358m)
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Andromeda Class (length=349m)
Intrepid Class (length=343m)
New Orleans Class (length=360m)
Cheyenne Class (length=380m)
Prometheus Class (length=414m)
U.S.S. Centaur  (length=425m)
Akira Class (length=440m)
Korolev Class (length=420m)
Nebula Class (length=452m)
Excelsior Class (length=467m)
Excelsior Refit (length=472m)
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Bradbury Class (length=600m)
Galaxy Class (length=641m)
Sovereign Class (length=685m)
Mediterranean Class (length=190m)
Yorkshire Class (length=182m)
Saber Class (length=180m)
Nova Class (length=165m)
Defiant Class (length=150m)
Oberth Class (length=120m)
Daedalus Class (length=105m)
(U.) S.S. Raven (length=80m)
Miranda Class (length=243m)
Type I
Type II
Type III
Sydney Class (length=260m)
Surak Class (length=206m)
Constitution Class (length=289m)
Constitution Refit (length=305m)
Constellation Class (length=303m)
Steamrunner Class (length=313m)
Olympic Class (length=320m)
Merced Class Type I (length=322m)
Merced Class Type II (length=325m)
Norway Class (length=330m)
Renaissance Class (length=330m)
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Ambassador Class (length=526m)
- Indicates a 3-View Schematic is linked to ship
Hokule'a Class (length=388m)
Istanbul Class (length=340m)
poss. Zodiac Class (length=294m)
(Under construction...)
Size Comparisons
(front views, top views)
Apollo Class (length=398m?)
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- Orthographic Views offline.
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