Renaissance Class Starship
The Renaissance Class was developed around 2310 as a replacement for the retired Constitutions, when it was found that the recent Excelsiors were perhaps too large for some tasks - this was a project which ambitiously incorporated all the latest experimental technology Starfleet had been preparing for the last several years.   Though there were some problems at first, integrating all of the new technoloy was not as difficult as many had expected.   This starship paved the way for the later Ambassador and Korolev Classes, and quite a few are still in service today, having undergone extensive refitting.
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- Dedication plaque
- refit Renaissance Class schematic -
- Mesh by David Smith
U.S.S. RENAISSANCE       NX-9778
U.S.S. MARYLAND            NCC-45109
U.S.S. ARIES                    NCC-45167
U.S.S. HORNET                 NCC-45231
U.S.S. HOKKAIDO             NCC-*****
U.S.S. ARGOSY                NCC-41407

Length: 330m
Beam: 199m
Height: 70.4m
Crew Complement: 240
Decks: 19
- prototype Renaissance Class schematic -
- Class Insignia (soon)
- Starships Adelphi and Maryland pass through a Class 12 nebula en route to bolster a Starfleet blockade near the Cardassan Border, c.2359.
- U.S.S. Argosy passes a checkpoint on its daily run, the T'zenkethi border patrol.  Excalibur and Saratoga signal all-clear, as a fleet of warships had been rumored to have been massing within the nearby gas cloud...
- Starships Hokkaido and Exeter leave orbit of Bajor, to deliver crew to station ex-Terek Nor, early 2369.
- Master Systems Display