Andromeda Class Starship
First commissioned in 2364, these explorers were the precursors to the Intrepid Class in many ways.   They have served with distinction on the Federation's frontiers for the past decade.

There was a recent attempt at an Intrepid-style refit of this class; along with an altered hull color scheme, the prototype featured variable-geometry warp nacelles - each shorter engine containing fewer (but more advanced) warp coils.   As was found with the retrofitted Excelsior Class starship U.S.S. Lakota, performance was greatly improved, but was prohibitively expensive - it would use more resources to retrofit a good number of Andromeda Class starships than it would to create the same number of Intrepid Classes, already in production.
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- Dedication plaque
- Refit Andromeda Class      (limited run of two             vessels so far)
- Andromeda Class schematic -
- Mesh by Rob Caves of

Nearly every image was heavily modified in my paint program to bring them closer to my original design.
U.S.S. PROKOFIEV        NCC-68814
U.S.S. DRAKE                NCC-70956

Length: 349m
Beam: 167m
Height: 66m
Crew Complement: 289
Decks: 17