Mediterranean Class Starship
Tuvok served on the Wyoming in 2349;  the Lalo was the first to make visual contact with the infamous Borg Cube of 2366-7.  Unfortunately, it was the last ever heard of that technical supply ship.  The Mediterranean Class is a small ship especially equipped to transport medical, technical and scientific equipment or weapons to remote outposts or starships operating at the Federation borders. The ship itself is armed with type 7 phasers only. Large doors provide easy access to the shuttlebay/cargo section which occupies most of the saucer. The ship is not suited for bulky equipment; it is intentionally designed small and simple, for it usually delivers urgently needed goods.  The Mediterranean had an extensive production life time in the middle part of the century.  Between 2320 and 2355, three hundred fifty of these transports were built.  Since then, only three have been decomissioned due to spaceworthiness, and thirteen were lost to the Dominion during the war.  As of 2377, 334 Mediterranean Class starships are in service throughout Federation space.  Although the Olympic Class has since replaced most of the smaller transports as the premier transport and support ship, the Mediterranean is expected to continue its mission late into the next century.

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- Dedication plaque
- Mediterranean Class schematic -
Mesh by David Smith
U.S.S. WYOMING          NCC-43730
U.S.S. LALO    NCC-43837

Length: 190m
Beam: 136m
Height: 41m
Crew Complement: 30 officers
Decks: 10
- Class insignia badge
"Captain, the starship Lalo has just reported visual contact with a cube-shaped vessel..."
Starships Enterprise-B and Adriatic watch the experimental U.S.S Ambassador leave orbit for the first time, c.2322.