Sequoia Class Starship
The Starship Yellowstone transported the Elaysian Ensign Melora Pazlar to Deep Space 9 in 2370.   The Sequoia is the newest Medium Cruiser type vessel to date.  With three being built each year at the Cochrane Yards above Alpha Centauri, the Sequoia Class design is likely to continue production late into the next century.  The Sequoias are fast (originally called "Fast Cruisers"), and are slightly larger than the Norway, sporting exceptional firepower for a ship of its size.  There are presently 32 Sequoia Class starships in service, several have been deployed to secure Cardassian, Breen, Son'a space following the War.

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- Dedication plaque
- Sequoia Class schematic -
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U.S.S. SEQUOIA          NX-70050
U.S.S. YELLOWSTONE        NCC-70073

Length: 358.0m
Beam: 157.1m
Height: 40.2m
Crew Complement: 132 officers and crew
Decks: 10
Class insignia badge -
- Early sketch of  the Sequoia