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Andromeda Class

U.S.S. DRAKE    NCC-70956

Length: 349m, Beam: 167m, Height: 66m;
        Crew Complement: 289

First commisioned in 2365, these explorers were the precursors to the Intrepid Class   in many ways.  They have served with distinction on the Federation's frontiers for the past decade.   There was a recent attempt at an Intrepid-style refit.  Along with an altered hull color scheme, the prototype featured variable-geometry warp nacelles - each shorter engine containing fewer (but more advanced) warp coils.
Bradbury Class

U.S.S. BRADBURY    NX-72307

Length: 600m, Beam: 210m, Height: 84m; Crew Complement: 450
Deck Count: 20

The prototype of the Bradbury was scheduled to transport Wesley Crusher to Starfleet Academy in 2366.  Named for s/f writer Ray Bradbury.
Chimera Class

U.S.S. CHIMERA   NX-*****

Length: 308m, Beam: 317m, Height: 57m;  Crew Complement: 162
Deck Count: 16

Length: 482m, Beam: ***m, Height: **m; Crew Complement: 276
Deck Count: **

The Starship Portland was dispatched to search for DS9's Constable Odo & Mr. Garak when they were abducted by the combined Tal'Shiar - Obsidian Order fleet in late 2371.
Hokule'a Class

U.S.S. HOKULE'A   NX-*****
U.S.S. TRIPOLI       NCC-19386

Length: ***m, Beam: ***m, Height: **m;  Crew Complement: ***
Deck Count: **

Federation Starship Tripoli discovered the android Data at the ravaged Omicron Theta colony in 2338.
Istanbul Class

U.S.S. ISTANBUL     NX-*****
U.S.S. HAVANA       NCC-34043
U.S.S. SARAJEVO    NCC-38529
U.S.S. BUDAPEST    NCC-38539

Length: 340m, Beam: ***m, Height: **m;  Crew Complement: ***
Deck Count: 16

The Istanbul Class is the largest Federation starship capable of planetfall; it was designed, in the 2330's, to be able to land and take off again from a planet's surface.  This was to be used in emergency situations only, as it is energy-consuming - four large impulse craft usually perform the go-between from ship to surface.
Korolev Class

U.S.S. KOROLEV       NX-*****
U.S.S. GODDARD       NCC-59621

Length: 450m, Beam: 208m, Height: 66m;
        Crew Complement: 382; Deck Count: 18

The Korolev Class is a widely-used, yet seldom-seen starship.  Production was in full swing in 2320, as a smaller counterpart to the then-experimental Ambassador Class.  A number of Korolevs saw their operational lives abruptly terminated in the Borg incursion of 2367, at the Battle of Wolf 359.  Though most have been refit and can more than hold their own, they have largely been relocated to the Federation's territory in Beta quadrant.
Mediterranean Class

U.S.S. WYOMING       NCC-43730
U.S.S. LALONCC-43837

Length: 190m, Beam: 136m, Height: 41m;  Crew Complement: 30
Deck Count: 10

Lieutenant Tuvok served on the Wyoming in 2349;  the Lalo was the first to make visual contact with the infamous Borg Cube of 2366-7.  Unfortunately, it was the last ever heard of that technical supply ship.
Merced Class

U.S.S. MERCED      NX-*****
U.S.S. TRIESTE       NCC-37124

Length: 320m, Beam: 142m, Height: 42m;  Crew Complement: 210
Deck Count: 13

The android known as Data once served aboard the light cruiser/frigate Trieste.
Surak Class

U.S.S. SURAK    NX-*****
U.S.S. ZAPATA   NCC-33184

Length: 280m, Beam: ***m, Height: **m;  Crew Complement: ***
Deck Count: 11

The Surak Class is most likely a Starfleet/Vulcan ship.
I'm not sure if copyright law forbids us from using this or a similar design, as it was created by Rick Sternbach - though never used.
Wambundu Class

U.S.S. FLEMING      NCC-20316
U.S.S. HOMERIC     NCC-20362
U.S.S. DRAKE NCC-20381

Length: 195m, Beam: 92m, Height: 30m;  Crew Complement: 38
Deck Count: 7

The Drake was destroyed by ancient weapons at the planet Minos in 2364.  Fleming was one of the first starships to demonstrate just how dangerous old-style warp drive was to subspace in 2370 in the Hekaras Corridor.
Yorkshire Class

U.S.S. DENVER      NCC-54927

Length: 182m, Beam: 102m, Height: 36m;  Crew Complement: 70 (450 passengers)
Deck Count: 10

The Starship Denver struck a gravitic mine in 2368.  Yorkshire Classes are intentionally simple in design - easily produced & repaired; can be converted into troop transports in short notice.
Zodiac Class

U.S.S. ZODIAC        NX-*****

Length: ***m, Beam: ***m, Height: **m;  Crew Complement: ***
Deck Count: **

The Starship Yorktown was ordered by Admiral Riker (in the alternate-future) to make long-range sensor scans of the Devron System.
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Mesh by Rob Caves of Scifi-Art.
Lance Nutter
Jason Colbert (redrawn by Bernd)
Christian Ruhl
Jason Colbert
Daniel J. Ellis
Designed by Jason Colbert; concept by Scott Colbert
Jason Colbert
Bernd Schnieder
Lance Nutter  (finalized by Jason Colbert)
Bernd Schnieder
Jason Colbert
Rick Sternbach, sugg. by Jack Bohn
Jason Colbert
Jason Colbert
Christian Ruhl
Bernd Schneider
Prototype Andromeda Class refit - U.S.S. Rosankya
Renaissance Class

U.S.S. ARIES                NCC-45167
U.S.S. HORNET     NCC-45231
U.S.S. ARGOSY    NCC-41407

Length: 330.0m, Beam: 199m, Height: 70.4m;  Crew Complement: 240
Deck Count: 19

The Renaissance Class was developed as a replacement for the retired Constitutions, when it was found that the recent Excelsiors were perhaps too large to use for some tasks - this was a project which incorporated all the latest experimental technology Starfleet had been preparing for the past several years.  Though there were some problems at first, integrating all of the new technology was not as difficult as many had expected.  This class of starship paved the way for the later Ambassador & Korolev Classes, and quite a few are still in service today, having undergone extensive refitting.
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Mesh by Rob Caves,
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- Sequoia Class Insignia
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Sequoia Class

U.S.S. SEQUOIA          NX-70050

    Length: 358.0m, Beam: 157.1m, Height: 40.2m;
     Crew Complement: 132; Deck Count: 10

The Starship Yellowstone transported the Elaysian Ensign
  Melora Pazlar to DS9 in 2370.