Merced Class Starship
The android known as Data once served aboard the starship U.S.S. Trieste.

The Merced Class has been in the service longer than any other frigate type vessel.  Not as adaptable and flexible as most Starfleet vessels, the Merced was designed shortly after the Excelsior Class.  Similar to the Hokule'a Class heavy cruiser, the Merced is known as a solid, durable, dependable little ship.  The prototype, while still under construction in 2311, was a suspected target for the Romulans - Starfleet Intelligence intercepted plans for an assault on the Groomridge Fleet Yards, but the Tomed Incident sent the Romulan Empire into deep seclusion before the planned date of attack.

Notable vessels include the Masada, the first Starfleet vessel to make sensor contact with the Cardassians in 2318; and the Trieste, which was destroyed in 2375 at the Battle for DS9.  During the Cardassian Wars, many Merced Class frigates were refit with new warp engines and updated weapons systems.  In 2350, however, Starfleet began decommisioning Merced Class vessels in favor of newer designs.  Today, 41 of these frigates remain in service.

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U.S.S. MERCED      NCC-*****
U.S.S. TRIESTE        NCC-37124

Length: 322m (325m refit)
Beam: 142m
Height: 42m
Crew Complement: 210
Decks: 13
- Merced Class schematic (refit) -